My first experience securing an attorney was for my college age son for a marijuana misdemeanor charge. I made calls to five attorney offices to inquire about the procedure in the courts and the expected outcome for this charge. My son and I chose George Townsend after I spoke to 5 attorneys.

George answered my voicemail within 6 hours. I spoke directly to him. He had looked up my son’s case on the court records. After speaking to me and answering my questions, he spoke to my son who explained what occurred and answered his questions on what to expect in court. Importantly, he explained to my son the laws in VA about marijuana possession and what he could expect if this type of incident occurred again and how it would affect his future.

George’s fee was less than the other 4 inquires. I questioned why less and George explained his office staff was him. Less overhead, so less cost to the client.  We had George’s cell phone number and email to communicate. The entire process proceeded exactly how George explained.

He was flexible with my payment schedule, very personable, repeated explanations that I forgot and very important to my son and I, the entire process and outcome was exactly as he explained. I felt I had the very best attorney for my son to represent him and support us through this entire journey.

As a mother with a young adult son I wanted my son to learn important life lessons From his poor choice including how this charge affected him now and his future, including financial costs, employment and rental applications. George was a perfect choice for us as our attorney.

. . . . .

George Townsend is a lawyer. So great that I wish he was part of my family. He also is nice, professional and a calm young man. I would definitely use him again if needed.